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What Tronald thinks about: Ben Carson

I spell out some of the differences between Ben Carson and myself at 9:00 A.M. on CNN Jake Tapper. Ben is very weak on illegal immigration.

Wow, pres. candidate Ben Carson, who is very weak on illegal Immigration, just said he likes amnesty and a pathway to citizenship.

With Ben Carson wanting to hit his mother on head with a hammer, stab a friend and Pyramids built for grain storage - don't people get it?

Ben Carson has never created a job in his life (well, maybe a nurse). I have created tens of thousands of jobs, it's what I do.

Ben Carson is being severely criticized for being incapable of understanding foreign policy be one of his top consultants. Not good!

"#RocktheGBB: Donald J. Trump This is not good." WOW, one of many lies by Ben Carson! Big story.