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What Tronald thinks about: Jeb Bush

Now that Bush has wasted $120 million of special interest money on his failed campaign, he says he would end super PACs. Sad!

Last time lightweight Jeb Bush tried to knock off Marco Rubio he made a total fool of himself. If he doesn't do better this time, he is out!

.Jeb Bush was terrible on Face The Nation today. Being at 2% and falling seems to have totally affected his confidence. A basket case!

Remember that I am self-funding my campaign. Hillary, Jeb and the rest are spending special interest and lobbyist money.100% CONTROLLED

After spending $89 million, Jeb Bush is at the bottom of the barrel in polls. He is ashamed to use the name "Bush" in ads. Low energy guy!

Will Jeb Bush, in his phony advertising campaign, show himself asking me to apologize to his wife in the debate?

Lightweight Jeb Bush is spending a fortune of special interest against me in SC. False advertising- desperate and sad!

I have an idea for Jeb Bush whose campaign is a disaster. Try using your last name and don't be ashamed of it!

Jeb Bush just got contact lenses and got rid of the glasses. He wants to look cool, but it's far too late. 1% in Nevada!

.Jeb Bush is totally lost -- he spends too much time managing the bloated staff of his campaign & not enough talking about America's future.