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What Tronald thinks about: Jeb Bush

This is just not the right time for Jeb Bush. His campaign is in total disarray, too much staff being paid way too much money = U.S. GOVT.

Jeb Bush had a tough night at the debate. Now he'll probably take some of his special interest money, he is their puppet, and buy ad's.

Jeb Bush has zero communication skills so he spent a fortune of special interest money on a Super Bowl ad. He is a weak candidate!

I would feel sorry for Jeb Bush and how badly he is doing with his campaign other than for the fact he took millions of $'s of hit ads on me

I know the "Governors" and Jeb Bush, who has gone nasty with lies, is by far the weakest of the lot. His family used private eminent domain!

Jeb Bush is desperate - strongly in favor of #CommonCore and very weak on illegal immigration.

If Jeb Bush were more competent he could not have lost the skirmish with Marco in the debate. BAD facts for Marco if properly delivered!

Flashback – Jeb Bush says illegal immigrants breaking our laws is an “act of love” He will never secure the border.

JEB is a hypocrite! Used massive private "Eminent Domain" --- Just another clueless politician!

Jeb is fighting to defend a catastrophic event. I am fighting to make sure it doesn't happen again.Jeb is too soft-we need tougher & sharper