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What Tronald thinks about: Marco Rubio

Senator Marco "amnesty" Rubio, who has worst voting record in Senate, just hit me on national security-but I said don't go into Iraq. VISION

Please remember, I am the ONLY candidate who is self-funding his campaign. Kasich, Rubio and Cruz are all bought and paid for by lobbyists!

Little Marco Rubio, the lightweight no show Senator from Florida is just another Washington politician.

Why would anyone in Florida vote for lightweight Senator Marco Rubio. Check out his credit card scam, his house sale & his no show voting!

I watched lightweight Senator Marco Rubio, who is all talk and no action, defend his WEAK position on illegal immigration. Pathetic!

Lightweight Senator Marco Rubio is polling very poorly in Florida. The people can't stand him for missing so many votes - poor work ethic!

Rubio is weak on illegal immigration, with the worst voting record in the U.S. Senate in many years. He will never MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

Further proof that Gang of Eight member Marco Rubio is weak on illegal immigration is Paul Singer's, Mr. Amnesty, endorsement.Rubs can't win

Remember that Marco Rubio is very weak on illegal immigration. South Carolina needs strength as illegals and Syrians pour in. Don't allow it

Why would the great people of Florida vote for a guy who, as a Senator, never even shows up to vote - worst record. Marco Rubio is a joke!